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Methods to Protect Industrial LCD Screens from ESD Electrostatic Discharge

Environmental management of industrial LCD screens

Control the humidity of the working environment. Especially in autumn and winter, static electricity is easily generated in dry weather. In a dry environment, static electricity may generate voltages of several thousand volts or even tens of thousands of volts. However, this equipment with good moisture absorption is difficult to generate static electricity. Therefore, properly controlling the humidity of the working environment can effectively protect the monitor from ESD damage. It is recommended to maintain a humidity of about 60%.

Establish an anti-static work area. When implementing assembly, use anti-static flooring, anti-static workbenches, anti-static grounding wires, and anti-static tools. The workbench surface should maintain the same potential as the equipment and the floor.

Electrostatic discharge management for industrial LCD screen operators

Humans are the main source of static electricity, so if operators are not grounded, the risk of damage is very high. When assembling sensitive electronic components, ESD protection for operators is crucial. Anti-static wristbands are the most effective way to avoid ESD damage. Operators ground themselves through the wristbands. It is also important to wear anti-static clothing before entering the work area.

Design of industrial LCD screen display circuits

The special design of the input and output pins of the display screen is crucial for preventing ESD damage to the equipment. You can design a specific static electricity circuit to release additional power through conductive grounding. For example, adding a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode between VDD and ground, or grounding the casing of the display screen.

Packaging and transportation of industrial LCD screens

ESD-sensitive equipment should always be stored in anti-static bags or containers during daily operations, such as transportation and WIP inventory. When transporting such equipment, conductive wheels or traction chains should be grounded.

ESD protection for customers of industrial LCD screens

Customers and engineers also need to strictly follow anti-static operations when installing display modules, and should not directly touch the core electronic components of the product without any preventive measures. When installing display modules, please also ground the steel structure.

Based on the above discussion, we summarize the methods to protect industrial LCD screens from the impact of static electricity and ESD as follows:

  • Treat all components as static-sensitive devices and do not touch sensitive components without grounding.

  • All instruments and equipment related to the display screen must be grounded.

  • The work surface of the anti-static workbench should maintain the same potential as the equipment and the floor.

  • The anti-static wristband and anti-static shoe covers should be tested daily to ensure they meet the required parameters.

  • Static insulation materials should not be freely placed in the safe area.

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