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How Should the Liquid Crystal Panel Be Maintained Best?

With the popularization of LCD TVs, notebook computers, LCD monitors and other liquid crystal panels, the cleaning of liquid crystal panels has also become the focus of users' attention. Many users use a damp cloth to wipe the liquid crystal panel back and forth for convenience. In fact, this has already wiped off a layer of protective film on the screen, and the screen will become blurred.

There is also a protective film on the outside of the liquid crystal panel of the LCD TV. The function of the protective film is to prevent the liquid crystal panel from reflecting light, and it cannot withstand wiping with a rag. If you wipe it hard, it will cause damage to the screen, so do not use force when cleaning dust. wipe. There are methods for cleaning liquid crystal panels such as LCD TVs, laptops, and LCD monitors.

1. Before cleaning the liquid crystal panel, be sure to read the relevant instructions, and use a liquid crystal cleaning cloth or a soft paper towel to wipe it, such as glasses cloth can also be used. Cleaning kits can also be purchased at electrical stores, or online shopping is also a good choice.

2. When wiping, you must remember not to use too much force, and the action must be light, otherwise it is easy to scratch the screen.

3. If it is not very dirty, you can use a dry soft cloth or a soft paper towel to wipe the liquid crystal panel in the same direction. You can't wipe it around. If you wipe it in one direction, the dust can be removed.

4. If there is dirt on the liquid crystal panel and it is not easy to clean, you can spray a special cleaner on the rag, wipe the rag a little bit, and the dirt can be easily cleaned. Be sure to use the cleaner after Wiping. Wipe again in the same direction with a clean and dry cloth to keep the screen dry.

5. If you see dirt on the screen during use, remember not to wipe it directly with your hands, because human skin is oily, and it is easy to leave traces when you wipe it with your hands, and your fingernails are also easy to scratch the liquid crystal panel. 

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