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Reasons for Color Difference in TFT LCD Screens

Clients often ask us why there are color differences in the same model TFT LCD screens. Color difference in TFT LCD screens refers to the difference in color between two LCD screens of the same model when displaying the same image, particularly noticeable when displaying white.

If the color difference exceeds what the client can accept, the TFT LCD screens will be treated as defective. Let's analyze what causes color difference in TFT LCD screens.

Reasons for the TFT LCD glass panel

Different manufacturers produce glass panels with different colors. Even if it's the same manufacturer, the colors of different batches of glass after cutting will still be different. Therefore, if the TFT LCD screen manufacturer chooses glass panels from different manufacturers, color difference problems will occur. Even if a fixed glass panel manufacturer is chosen, subtle color differences may still occur due to different glass batches.

Relationship between the TFT LCD screen LED backlight

Different batches of backlights can cause color differences in LCD screens. The main component of the backlight is the LED. It is the main component that allows the LCD screen to have luminous display. The white light of the LED comprises of three colors, which is commonly known as RGB. The amount of wavelength deviation to left or right will cause the LED to produce optical reaction, directly causing slight changes in the color of the LCD display panel. Therefore, different batches of backlight sources can cause color differences in TFT LCD screens.

Reasons for the TFT LCD polarization film

Different batches of polarization film can cause color differences in screens. The polarization film is an optical film made up of multi-layered high molecular materials that have polarization light function. Depending on its position in the LCD panel, it can be divided into surface and bottom polarization film. Its main components are polarizing layer, TAC layer, adhesive, release film, protective film and reflective film. The polarization film refracts different colors at different angles, resulting in deviations in displayed colors. Therefore, different batches of polarization film can result in color differences.

Reasons for the TFT LCD voltage

Different batches of glass substrate may generate ±0.5V voltage fluctuations. When producing LCD screens, we will try to regulate the voltage in line with the output voltage, but it's impossible to entirely regulate them. Therefore, we will suggest clients to adjust the screen contrast through software in order to reduce color differences.

The high quality tft lcd display module is an integration of several source components. Each component, due to different batches, will affect the color display performance. As an LCD screen manufacturer, we should fully understand the range of color differences clients can tolerate and do our best to satisfy them by ensuring the same batch and accurate adjustment during the screen assembly process to reduce the range of TFT LCD screen color differences.

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