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How the TFT display works

1. How does TFT display work?

How does TFT display work? TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", which generally refers to thin film liquid crystal display, but actually refers to thin film transistor (matrix) - which can "actively" control each independent pixel on the screen, which is the origin of the so-called active matrix TFT.

So how exactly did the image come about? The basic principle is simple: the display screen is composed of many pixels that can emit light of any color, as long as each pixel is controlled to display the corresponding color, the purpose can be achieved. Backlight technology is generally used in TFT LCD display. In order to accurately control the color and brightness of each pixel, it is necessary to install a shutter-like switch behind each pixel. When the "shutter" is opened, the light can pass through, and the "shutter" is closed. Light cannot pass through. Of course, technically it is not as simple as it was just said.

LCD uses the characteristics of liquid crystals (it is liquid when heated, and crystallizes into a solid state when cooled). Generally, liquid crystals have three forms: Smectic liquid crystals similar to clay, and Nematic liquid crystals similar to thin matchsticks. Similar to cholesterol-like liquid crystals; liquid crystal displays use filaments, and when the external environment changes, its molecular structure will also change, so that it has different physical properties-it can achieve the purpose of allowing light to pass or block light-also It is the blinds just mentioned.

Everyone knows the three primary colors, so each pixel on the display screen needs to be composed of the three similar Fbasic components described above, which control the three colors of red, green, and blue respectively. Twisted nematic TFT LCD touch screen display is the most commonly used at present.

2. TFT display materials

TFT display is the mainstream display device on various notebook computers and desktops. Each liquid crystal pixel on this type of display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel, so TFT display is also a type of active matrix liquid crystal display device. It is one of the best LCD color displays. TFT display has the advantages of high responsivity, brightness, and high contrast, and its display effect is close to that of CRT display.

At the same time, TFT screen is also widely used in mid-to-high-end color screen mobile phones. There are three types of TFT display: 65536 colors, 160,000 colors, and 16 million colors, whose display effect is very good.

TFT means that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. In this way, high-speed brightness and high-contrast display screen information can be achieved. TFT_LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) is a kind of most liquid crystal displays.

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