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The Application Fields of LCD Bar Type LCD Screen

With the rapid development of TFT LCD screen technology, there are more and more types of screens with increasingly powerful functions, presenting themselves in various poses and shapes, satisfying our different needs for display effects, and full of beauty and creativity. And LCD bar type LCD screen is one of them.

The bar type LCD screen is different from the ordinary LCD screen. Its length and width can be freely customized according to the needs of the scene. While completing the information display, it also enhances its appearance, making the product better adapt to the application environment. What are the application areas of bar type LCD screens? Let's briefly introduce them.

Bar type LCD screens are used in the commercial field

The development of new retail concepts will subvert traditional sales models. Traditional shopping malls and supermarkets classify and display goods on shelves, using paper price information sheets for labeling.

The advantage is low cost, but the display effect and aesthetics are weak, and updates and maintenance are prone to errors. Using LCD shelf bar screens will provide users with a better experience, displaying more detailed and clear product information. If touch functions are used, it will enrich human-computer interaction and eliminate the trouble of customers asking supermarket staff for help.

LCD screen manufacturers also follow the trend of new sales models and provide customers with a better shopping experience through the promotion of LCD shelf bar screens.

Bar type LCD screens are used in public transportation

Bar type LCD screens can be applied to bar scrolling screens in buses or station announcement screens in subway carriages, displaying comprehensive vehicle routing information, arrival information, and other multimedia promotional information.

When riding in public transportation carriages, sometimes the time can be boring. If the front bar screen is scrolling with news, entertainment, weather, station, and advertising information, it will attract the interest and attention of most passengers, thereby achieving good publicity and advertising effects.

Bar type LCD screens are used in financial systems

LCD bar screens are widely used in banks, securities companies, and other financial systems. Bar screens are usually applied to information display screens in lobbies to provide customers with timely and accurate information about ticket numbers, financial information, exchange rate information, bond information, etc.

LCD bar screens provide customers with a high-resolution, high-brightness display and a 180-degree viewing angle, offering a better visual experience.

Bar type LCD screens are used in new media advertising

With the rapid development of new media, it poses a huge challenge to the traditional advertising industry. The traditional advertising industry usually uses large billboards, light boxes, and other modes, with fixed images that cannot be changed, and limited image quality. In the era of new media, LCD bar type LCD screens are applied, featuring high resolution, high definition, and vibrant color display. Through the fusion of pictures, text, video, and audio, they present visually pleasing experiences to users.

This 24-hour scrolling play of advertising information not only enriches the content but also attracts more attention, thereby generating enormous advertising economic benefits.

In addition to the application areas mentioned above, LCD bar screens are also widely used in airports, surveillance systems, dispatching command systems, exhibition centers, multimedia classrooms, video conferencing systems, multifunctional display systems, community bulletin boards, and other fields.

It can be seen that in today's new media era, LCD bar type LCD screens are favored by various application areas due to their flexible and diverse sizes and excellent display effects.

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