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A Complete Guide to the Classification of LCD Liquid Crystal Displays!

Liquid crystal display, abbreviated as LCD, is a matrix display screen driven by thin film transistors. It uses current to stimulate liquid crystal molecules to generate points, lines, and planes, combined with LED backlight source to form a display image. Below, we will discuss the classification of LCD liquid crystal screens from multiple dimensions.

Classification based on the display characteristics of LCD screens

High-brightness display screen

LCD screen with brightness above 500cd/m2, suitable for display devices that need to be visible in outdoor sunlight.

Wide-viewing-angle liquid crystal screen

It has the characteristics of wide viewing angle, high contrast, color saturation, and dynamic clarity.

 Wide-temperature liquid crystal screen

Suitable for use in places with harsh temperature conditions. The working temperature and storage temperature can reach -30℃ to +85℃, and the upper temperature limit of some models can reach 85℃.

Semi-transmissive screen

It has outstanding display effects in strong light conditions and excellent readability in non-light or low-light environments.

Classification based on the panel types of LCD liquid crystal screens

TN liquid crystal panel

The most basic and common display mode, with simple manufacturing process, high transmittance, and low cost.

IPS panel

Excellent full viewing angle characteristics, dynamic clarity, and color reproduction.

VA liquid crystal panel

With advantages such as wide viewing angle, high contrast, and no need for friction orientation, it has become the preferred choice for large-size TFT LCD panels.

Classification based on the interface types of LCD liquid crystal screens

The most common interfaces are RGB, SPI, MCU, MIPI, and LVDS. Others include HDMI, TTL, and STN interfaces.

Classification based on the driving modes of LCD liquid crystal screens

There are three types: static drive, simple matrix drive, and active matrix drive.

Classification based on the application fields of LCD liquid crystal screens

Home appliance display, car display, commercial display, medical display, industrial display, instrument display, outdoor handheld display, etc.

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