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What Are the Characteristics of LCD Display Panels?

Ⅰ. What are the characteristics of LCD display panels?

1. The body is thin and space-saving: Compared with the bulky CRT display, the LCD display panel only needs one-third of the space of the former.

2. Power saving and no high temperature: It is a low power consumption product and can be completely non-hot. Compared with CRT monitors, high temperature is inevitable due to the imaging technology.

3. No radiation, good for health: the industrial LCD display panel is completely free of radiation, which is a boon for people who work in front of computers all day.

4. The picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes: Unlike the CRT technology, the LCD screen will not flicker, which can reduce the damage to the eyes of the monitor, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue.

Ⅱ. Notes on buying an LCD display panel:

1. Size: 15 inches is the most popular choice, but in recent years, 17 and 19 inches have become popular. If you're just doing word work or surfing the web, 15 inches will suffice. If you are engaged in computer graphics, video editing, the larger size is more suitable.

2. Viewing angle: For 15- and 17-inch monitors, most of them are used by one person, so a vertical viewing angle of 120 degrees is enough. Over 18 inches requires over 150 degrees. ViewSonic's various models use special technology to achieve a 170-degree viewing angle.

3. Contrast ratio: Generally speaking, the larger the contrast ratio, the better. As far as the current technology is concerned, the most basic contrast ratio of the brightness of LCD display panel types of all sizes should be 400:1.

4. Brightness: 250nits brightness is enough for people who use computers to handle paperwork; if you often play computer games, watch digital discs (DVD) or TV, then you must choose 450nits brightness.

5. Response time: The response time is at least less than 40 milliseconds (ms) before the dynamic image of the shadow will appear. For the current product, a color liquid crystal display panel with a response time of less than 25 milliseconds should be one of your basic considerations. However, if you want to enjoy animation videos or play online games, it is recommended to choose a model with a 16ms response time.

6. Highlights: There is no certain standard in the market, but the highlights of each color LCD should not exceed 5.

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