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Industrial LCD Screen PK Ordinary LCD Screen

At present, the power consumption of liquid crystal displays is already very low, so they are loved by people in many applications, and are widely used in many sophisticated and long-lasting electronic devices.

The shape and structure of industrial LCD panels are very similar to ordinary LCD panels. Most people think it's just a shell. Let's talk about why the specific difference between industrial tft lcd and ordinary LCD screens? In what ways are they different.

1. The brightness of industrial LCD screens and ordinary LCD screens

Generally speaking, there are many kinds of industrial LCD screens. One is outdoors and the other is indoors. We can talk about the brightness of outdoor industrial screens. When we compare the brightness displays, we can see the gap between the two.

Most of the lcd touch screen used in ordinary households will pay more attention to energy saving. In this regard, industrial displays will not require lower power consumption, but only pursue stability; unique heat dissipation and high-brightness backlight will increase power consumption. Therefore, most industrial screen equipment consumes a lot of energy.

2. The display range of industrial LCD screens and ordinary LCD screens

Generally, the ratio of screen width to height is called aspect ratio (Aspect Ratio, also known as aspect ratio or screen ratio). At present, the screen ratio of LCD TVs generally has two types: 4:3 and 16:9. On the basis of industrial screens, these display modes will also be available, but there are also some special-shaped screens and long screens, which will produce a more special display ratio due to their special shape.

Industrial LCD screens Most of them are built as presentation effects, and there are still many hardware bonuses behind the screen. Most of the advertising machine equipment adopts splicing technology. At the same time, for larger area and clearer resolution, high-resolution liquid crystal display panel splicing screen will be used. The black border around the screen is very narrow, and the visual effect of the stitched edges generally does not exceed 1 cm. So, here we can see how expensive the high-resolution industrial LCD panel in the splicing screen is.

The second is the stability of the two. The operating temperature range of ordinary LCD screens is 0~50°C, and the operating temperature range of industrial LCD panels is -30~80°C. Industrial panel LCDs are different from ordinary LCDs. They can adapt to extreme environments. Industrial LCD screens have better shock resistance and can guarantee that they will not fail for a long time.

Therefore, we come to the following conclusions: the working environment and working conditions of industrial display screens are higher than those of ordinary household LCD panels. In addition, for example, industrial splicing screens have some good effects in terms of chassis and machine heat dissipation. This professional heat dissipation effect can ensure that the machine can operate continuously 24 hours a day in harsh environments without failure.

The aging tests of industrial LCD screens are different when they leave the factory, and the application choices of various electrical components are also different. The heat dissipation effect is also very different. Due to demand, the shock resistance of industrial LCD panels is relatively good, while ordinary household LCD panels are far from reaching this standard.

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