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Do You Know What Types of LCD Displays Are There?

As the mainstream technology in the display industry, LCD display has several types, each with different characteristics.

Ⅰ. TN LCD module panel: 

The biggest feature of TN is that the price is relatively low, the technical entry threshold is low, and it is widely used. In general, the TNlcd display is a product with obvious advantages and disadvantages. The price is cheap, the number of output gray levels is small, and the deflection speed of the liquid crystal molecules is fast, which makes it easy to improve the response time, but the viewing angle is not ideal and the color performance is unreal is its obvious disadvantage.

Ⅱ. IPS LCD module panel: 

IPS is: InPlaneSwitching is also called full viewing angle. Its biggest selling point is that its two poles are on the same surface, unlike other liquid crystal mode electrodes that are arranged on the upper and lower sides and are three-dimensionally arranged. Since the electrodes are on the same plane, the liquid crystal molecules are always parallel to the screen regardless of the state, which will reduce the aperture ratio and reduce the light transmittance. Therefore, the application of ips lcd panel on LCD will require more backlights.

Ⅲ. VA LCD module panel: 

This type of panel is the most common type of high-end LCD. The 16.7M color number and large viewing angle are the capital of this type of panel positioning high-end. At the same time, the VA type can be divided into MVA panel and PVA panels.

1. The long axis of MVA's liquid crystal molecules is not parallel to the screen like the TN mode when it is not powered on, but perpendicular to the screen, and each pixel is composed of a plurality of such vertically oriented liquid crystal molecules.

2. PVA wide viewing angle technology (soft screen), PVA wide viewing angle technology also belongs to the category of VA technology. In fact, it is very similar to MVA, which can be said to be a deformation of MVA. PVA uses transparent ITO electrodes to replace the liquid crystal layer protrusions in MVA. The transparent electrodes can obtain better aperture ratio and minimize the waste of backlight sources. This mode greatly reduces the likelihood of "bright spots" appearing on the LCD panel.

LCD display can be roughly divided into these categories, TN, IPS, VA (MVA, PVA), and each category also has different characteristics, mainly depends on what type of terminal products it is used in, the most suitable one is the best. of.

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