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Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive Touch Screen


The capacitive touch display works by using of human body’s conductive feature, reading the finger touch via capacitance change. It supports multi-touch and Pinch, Zoom, Flick, Scroll, etc multi-gestures, which improved the customer user experience. Compare with the lcd touch screen panel, the CTP screen greatly improved the refresh rate and optical clarity, its optical transmissivity can exceed 90%. As no need for pressure-based sensing, it can use a glass surface, which is much more durable.

Exson experts offer 0.96-43inch standard projected capacitive touch screens, also provide a wide array of options for customer service. The product structures include G+G, GFF, GF, PG etc, The IC options cover industrial control, medical equipment and consumer etc industries.

AG, AF, AR etc optical treatments are available for different applications as well, all work can be done exactly according to customers’ needs and requirements. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Types of Capacitive Touch Screen

Product Size Resolution Picture Part Number Structure Drive_IC Interface Brightness Viewing (Grayscale) OD Size (W*H*T) AA_Size (mm) Op. Temp St. Temp
7.0 Inch 800x480 WVGA 50PIN TTL RTP TN 400nits Capacitive Touch Screen 7.0 Inch 800*480 7.0 Inch 800x480 WVGA 50PIN TTL RTP TN 400nits Capacitive Touch Screen EX07045-C04+CT03 TFT EK9713CA & EK73002ACGB TTL 40PIN 450nits 6:00 165.00*100.00*5.4 154.08 * 85.92 -10~50°C -20~60°C

Capacitive Touch Display Advantages

  • Multi-Touch supports various gestures, more convenient to use.

  • Better image

  • Excellent sensitivity

  • Scratch resistance

How to bonding a capacitive touch screen with TFT LCD screen?

There are two ways for the lamination: frame bonding and optical bonding.

  • The frame bonding is achieved by sticking the touch screen on the LCD frame through double glue tapes

  • The optical bonding is a full lamination with better transmissivity and image effect , which laminated by OCA glue, 

How to choose the touch display, capacitive or resistive?

Both capacitive and resistive touchscreens can be used in a variety of applications, For which one to choose, one need to check the specific needs of the project. If it's a must for users to wear gloves, if you expect a longer lifespan device in wet condition, resistive screens are better, the typical industry is medical. But if you want the products with sharp pics, multi-touch controls to get the best interactive experience, you'd better choose Capacitive screens. 

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