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How Much Do You Know About Medical LCD Displays?

With the wide application of medical LCD displays in medical instruments and equipment, it is valuable and meaningful for medical equipment engineers to understand and master the common faults and maintenance of liquid crystal display units. The progress of medical LCD displays shows the gradual maturity of medical technology, so today we will take you to know about medical LCD displays.

Ⅰ. The medical LCD display has the effect of facilitating the public

The following content can be played through the medical LCD display at a prominent position in the hospital hall:

1. The name, price, origin, etc. of the drug;

2. Specifications for charges for various examinations and operations;

3. Flowchart of procedures for hospitalization and examination of patients;

4. The orientation distribution map and function introduction of each department of the hospital;

5. Brief introduction of the chief physician and attending physician of the hospital and each department;

6. A list of doctors in each department on the day;

7. Introduce the relevant situation of specially invited experts to the hospital for consultation;

8. Introduction of new service items in the hospital;

9. The hospital's "Service Pledge" and so on, these important information can be displayed through the electronic liquid crystal display.

Ⅱ. Medical LCD displays have the effect of exposing hospital affairs

Through the electronic display screen, the various incomes of the hospital, the procurement of medicines and equipment, the bidding and expenditure of engineering construction, decoration, etc. can be broadcast.

Ⅲ. medical LCD displays have the effect of publicizing relevant laws and regulations

"Standards for Medical Personnel Operations", "Standards of Medical Ethics", "Code of Conduct for Service" and so on can be played through the electronic display screen.

Ⅳ. Medical LCD displays have the effect of popularizing medical care knowledge

"Patient Notice", "Maternity Notice", "Baby Care", "Nutrition Recipe" and so on can be played through the electronic display screen.

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