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LCD TFT Module Accessories

Types of LCD TFT Module Accessories

Exson provides Touch, Display whole solution with OCA, OCR optical or air Bonding to suit your specific needs. also integrate driver board with HDMI, VGA, different inverters like Lvds-mipi, eDP-Lvds as integration unit. 

We also support open-frame design and manufacture with metal frame assembles, LVDS/ eDP/ FFC/ FPC/Ipex cable, custom cables can be provided as well upon request. If you need any other LCD Parts and Materials for supports, our friendly team are very happy to help. The high quality of Exson's products and the flexibility of production are the core competition. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business. For more tft display for sale, inquiry now!

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What is LCD Controller Board

A LCD controller board is a signal processor which converts the outer analog signals into panel-readable input signals,it makes the display function a reality.

LCD TFT Module Accessories

LCD TFT Module Accessories AD Board

LCD TFT Module Accessories LED Drive

LCD TFT Module Accessories Metal Frame

LCD TFT Module Accessories Cable

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