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Analysis of the Causes of Chromatic Aberration in TFT LCD

Some customers will ask us why there is a chromatic aberration in the same TFT LCD screen? The so-called chromatic aberration of a TFT LCD screen means that when two LCDs of the same model are placed together to display the same picture, there will be a difference in color. This color difference is most obvious especially when the screen displays white. If the color difference is beyond the acceptable range of the customer, then these TFT LCD screens will be treated as bad. What is the cause of the chromatic aberration in the TFT LCD screen? Let's analyze it together.

Glass panels cause chromatic aberration in TFT LCD screens

The color of the glass produced by different glass panel manufacturers will be different. Even if it is a unified glass manufacturer, different batches of glass will have different colors after being cut. Therefore, if the TFT LCD screen manufacturer chooses glass panels from different manufacturers, there will be a color difference. Even if a fixed glass panel manufacturer is selected, there may be slight chromatic aberrations due to different batches of glass.

LED backlight causes TFT LCD screen to produce color difference

Different batches of backlight sources can also cause color differences in the LCD screen. The main component of the backlight is the LED lamp bead, which is the main component of the luminous display of the LCD screen. The white light of Led lamp beads is composed of three colors, which is commonly known as RGB. How much the wavelength of light is shifted to the left or right will cause the LED optical reaction, which directly changes the color of the liquid crystal display panel slightly. Therefore, the batches of backlight sources are different, which will cause chromatic aberration in the TFT LCD screen.

Polarizer causes chromatic aberration in TFT LCD

Different batches of polarizers can cause chromatic aberration on the screen. A polarizer is an optical film that is composed of multiple layers of polymer materials and has the function of generating polarized light. According to the different use positions of the LCD module, it can be divided into two types: face sheet and negative sheet. It is mainly composed of polarizing layer, TAC layer, adhesive, peeling film, protective film and reflective film. The polarizer will refract different colors with different angles, and the displayed color will also deviate. Therefore, different batches of polarizers will have a display color difference.

Voltage causes chromatic aberration in TFT LCD screen

The voltage of different batches of glass substrates will fluctuate by ±0.5V. When we produce the LCD screen, we will try our best to adjust the voltage to be consistent with the output voltage, and it is impossible to be completely consistent. Therefore, we would advise customers that the setting software can adjust the screen contrast to reduce the display color difference.

The TFT liquid crystal display module is a whole that combines multiple source components. Each component will affect the display color effect due to different factory batches. As a tft lcd screen factory, you should fully understand the customer's tolerance for display color difference, try to meet the uniform batch, and the precise adjustment of the screen assembly process, so as to reduce the color difference range of the TFT LCD screen.

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