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Application Analysis of the LCD Round LCD Screen

LCD round LCD screen - as the name suggests, is a circular shaped LCD screen

Most of the LCD screens we normally encounter are square or rectangular, and circular screens are relatively rare. However, in recent years, with people's changing aesthetics, round lcd screen has also been increasingly used in various fields, such as smart watches, smart clocks, electric vehicle instruments, car display instruments, and so on.

They are usually used in relatively small-sized applications. Next, let us introduce the LCD round LCD screen in detail.

Introduction to the LCD round LCD screen

In fact, the display principle of the LCD round LCD screen is the same as that of the conventional rectangular LCD screen. It is just that through the production technology of liquid crystal glass and the adjustment of screen parameters, the circular screen can also display normally in the circular state.

The key factors that determine this are the design and formulation of the driving scheme, that is, how to establish a good bridge between the round LCD screen and the motherboard.

round LCD screens are basically used in smart devices, and the driving scheme and UI interface design are relatively important.

Therefore, the round LCD screen is actually an innovative, intelligent, high-end LCD display product. The display sizes are relatively small, commonly used are 2.1 inches, 2.36 inches, 3.4 inches, 6.2 inches, and so on. round LCD screens also have their own common faults, such as the curvature of the display screen not filling the entire screen, or white light around the curved edges.

Application fields of the LCD round LCD screen

LCD round LCD screens are divided into large and small sizes, and small circular screens are more widely used, such as smart wearables, smart watches, smart clocks, electric vehicle instruments, car display instruments, smart home appliances, smart handheld devices, and so on.

Large circular screens are also used in applications, generally with sizes above 20 inches, such as new medical equipment, industrial equipment control, museum exhibition halls, enterprise conference rooms, integrated media centers, commercial places, and so on.

The above is a brief introduction to the principle and application scenarios of LCD round LCD screens. If you want to know more information about round LCD screens, please feel free to contact us.

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