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Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen Display


A touch screen display is a combination of a TFT LCD display and a touch technology overlay, It can be used as a display as well as a keyboard, which enables the users to operate without a mouse or touchpad. And because of its convenience and long lifespan compared with traditional buttons, touch screens adapted themselves into every aspect of our daily life quietly.

There are many types of touch panel technologies available in the market, the main two types are resistive touch panel (RTP) and projected capacitive touch panel (CTP). The resistive touch screen panel works by detecting pressure changes, A projected capacitive touch panel identify the electrical current by using sensors to sense the human body static electrical capacity, which means if you wear normal gloves, the CTP touchscreens won’t respond.

Exson experts can not only provide you with standard touch solutions but also various manufacturing methods, such as resistive touch screen panel,  open frame tft display and custom capacitive touch panel. Whatever the needs of your project, we can build a custom solution for you

Types of Touch Screen Display

CTP, RTP Touch Display Charactors and Differences

Sensing MethodResistive filmCapacitive film
Light TransmittanceNot so goodGood
Finger TouchGoodGood
Gloved TouchGoodNo
Stylus TouchGoodNot so good
DurabilityNot so goodGood
Water Drops ResistanceGoodGood

Exson Touch Display Advantages

  • support ultra high resolution, thinner, brighter display

  • industry leading technologies for multi-touch and display-driver

  • reliable responsive touchscreen experiences.

  • support 3D printer, video etc wide applications

Why IPS display is better for optical bonding with CTP?

  • It breaks the angel limitation and provides full viewing angles,

  • It's brighter with higher color contrast, also thinner, as the liquid-crystal molecules aligned in parallel with the glass plates, much less sensitive on cell gap change.

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