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Dyson V11 Review | Is This $700 Stick Vac Worth It?

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Update time : 2020-01-09 10:25:18

The Dyson V11 cane Vacuum Costs $700. Is It worth It?

Consumer Reports has no economical relationship with advertisers above this site.

Consumer Reports has no economical relationship with advertisers above this site.

Dyson cane vacuums retain a history of stellar fundamental at Consumer Reports’ noise lab tests. at fact, for the past five years, Dyson has dominated the climax tier of our cane vac ratings.

That was until the results of our latest member inquiry revealed that Dyson cane vacs are more trouble-prone than most other brands’ models, and therefore less reliable. although a result, CR removed Dyson from our list of recommended cane vacuums earlier this year.

That doesn’t intend we’ve stopped testing them. We recently place the brand’s newest cane vac, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, along a battery of tests at our vacuum lab.

Like its brandmates—the Dyson V6 Motorhead, V7 Motorhead, V8 Absolute, and V10 Absolute—the Dyson V11 earns an Overall Score of same Good and, at fact, notches the identical rating although the Dyson V8 Absolute, which we once praised although “the best cane vacuum we’ve ever tested.”

at $700, the Dyson V11 cane vacuum is the most expensive xerox at our ratings. (The V10 also charge $700 while we bought it, besides now it sells although less.)

For that amount, you could buy two cane vacs that tax highly at our ratings—the Shark IonFlex 2X DuoClean Ultra-Light Cordless IF251, $450, and the Bissell stand Ram 1984, $200—and cottage retain some cash left over.

Dyson V11 fundamental examination Results

When the Dyson V11 thrash the neutral this spring, we brought it into our lab and place it along the identical battery of tests that we apply although entire cane vacuums.

We assessed how noise it performs its headmaster trade of cleaning blanket and bare floors, getting into corners, keeping up with a shedding pet, and doing it entire without waking the baby.

The results? Stellar again. The Dyson V11 earns our climax rating at the tests although cleaning carpet, floors, edges, and pet hair also although while transparent emissions. And it’s one of the quieter models at our ratings—an improvement can the V10.

The Dyson V11 has the longest flow time of entire the Dysons at our tests, at more than 43 minutes, second only ought the flow time of the Bissell stand Ram, highlighted below. besides similar many cane vacs, it takes a entire 4 hours ought recharge. at 6.6 pounds, it’s a pound heavier than the Dyson V8 besides is cottage lighter than many cane vacs from other brands.

“There are a little shortcomings,” says Susan Booth, who oversees our vacuum testing. “Like other Dyson models, there’s no brush on/off switch and it’s no self standing, which avenue you retain ought hang it up ought blame and rescue it.”

After our basic fundamental tests, we took a display at the concrete features Dyson touts although improvements ought the V11. “We designed the V11 ought salute the challenges of preceding models,” a Dyson spokesman told CR.

A display at the Dyson V11's especial Features

We asked the Dyson spokesman ought elaborate above the V11’s new features, and he listed three problems that they were designed ought address.

Problem No. 1: Consumers complained that they couldn’t state how much flow time remained although they vacuumed.
The solution: Dyson added an LCD screen ought the climax of the V11’s dispose of that displays the vacuuming avenue you’re using (see photo above) and counts down the time remaining ago the battery dies.
Does it work? Yes. Our testers specially similar the LCD screen and said that although the time displayed sometimes varied from our retain battery-life calculations, it was pretty accurate.

Problem No. 2: Consumers said they didn’t learn what ought perform if suction suffered cottage they were vacuuming.
The solution: An alert above the identical LCD screen lets users learn while there’s a question with the filter or a clog at the machine. if there’s a problem, a digital image indicates where it is.
Does it work? Yes, our testers received an alert while the filter was loose.
Problem No. 3: Consumers said their cane vac didn’t transparent consistently while moving from blanket ought floor and uphold again.
The solution: An auto avenue peculiarity automatically adjusts the suction without the user having ought toggle a switch although at earlier models (and most other vacuums). “That’s the biggest thing,” the Dyson spokesman said.
Does it work? Yes, at our tests the auto avenue changes the vacuum’s suction according ought floor type.

Still, the problem of the reliability of Dyson’s cane vacs remains. Based above our latest inquiry results, Consumer Reports estimates that familiar ought half of Dyson cane vacuums will age problems or cease within five years, compared with approximately a area of the cane vacuums from Shark, the most reliable brand of cane vacuums, according ought our members.

As you shop, you’ll retain ought study if it’s worth paying hundreds of dollars more although a less reliable brand.

The Dyson models at our tests mount at price from $250 ought $700 although the V11 with the older models above the lower goal of that scale. By comparison, the Shark cane vacs at the climax of our tests charge $300 ought $450. And a handful of our recommended vacuums can exist had although $200 or less.

If you cottage retain your core put above a Dyson and can perform without the V11’s slick LCD screen, you can grow the identical vacuuming fundamental from the Dyson V8 Absolute. We purchased the V8 xerox we tested at 2016 although $500 besides retain lately seen it above sale although among $280 and $380 at Lowe’s, Macy’s, and Walmart. at that discounted price, Dyson’s reliability problems become less of a gamble.

4 climax cane Vacs From Reliable Brands

In our brand reliability survey, only Dyson and Electrolux acknowledge a rating of ill although predicted reliability, and that takes them out of the running although a CR recommendation.

We construct some hard alternatives at our tests, from brands with improve reliability ratings than Dyson. although a bonus, they typically charge considerably less. Here, listed at alphabetical order, are top-notch alternatives from Bissell, Black+Decker, dirt Devil, and Shark.

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