What is optical bonding

Optical bonding is a process of filling in the traditional air gap with optical bonding material resulting in better viewability and additional protection. One of the benefits from using our optical bonding process is the elimination of internal reflection, improved contrast and higher brightness. Through our automated equipment processing we can meet customets quantity demands while ensuring quality requirements.

At EXSON, we offer different options ranging from OCR to OCA along with different thickness's for display sizes from 2" to 98".

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Optical Bonding Capability/Options

  • Optical Bonding Size Capability: 2.0" ~ 98"
  • Optical Bonding Method: Automated
  • Optical Bonding Types:
    • OCR (Optically Clear Resin)
      • Silicone Base
      • Acrylic Base
    • OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive)
  • Cover Glass Coating Options:
    • Antireflective
    • Antiglare
    • Hydrophobic
    • Oleophobic
  • Cover Glass Options:
    • AG/AR
    • Soda lime
    • Gorilla/Dragon Trail
    • Chemically Strengthened
    • Heat Tempered

  • EMI Optical Filters:
    • Polycarbonate
    • Glass
  • Touch Screen Option:
    • PCAP
    • Resistive

Optical Bonding Advantages




Traditional Cover Glass with Air Gap

  • High reflection due to air gap between Glass and LCD
  • Less visibility

Optically Bonded


Optically Bonded Cover Glass

  • Light bounces once
  • Less reflection
  • More visibility
  • Refractive Index 1.4